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 We are sad to say that after many years of placing wonderful purring companaions to many happy new homes we are discontinuing breeding in the forseable future.  We wish to sincerly thank those who have supported us and stayed in touch with updates on your lovely Siamese cats.
Warmest regards-Faith and John

About Me

 A conscientious, caring hobby breeder catering to Traditional and Classic Siamese cat lovers only. Our family-raised felines produce a variety of color points. Several pedigreed litters each year. Vet supervised with first shots. Kittens enjoy unrestricted access to our family, including the pet dog.  Since we are a retired couple, we have lots of time and love to dote on our babies.  Conveniently located an hour away from New York City in Tomkins Cove, Rockland County, NY.

Since Siamese are so social, they thrive with a companion. So consider owning a pair especially if they are to be left alone for extended periods of time.  With this in mind, special consideration is given to those wanting companion kittens   We keep a waiting list and regularly alert all to upcoming litters and color point availability.

Our King and Queen

Introducing Maxwell, born 11/02/2012
...And what a wonderful personality he has.  Though no longer a kitten, he still loves to snuggle under the covers with his human family.  Big, dark blue eyes and a real "Siamese" voice that lets us know exactly what he wants.  He is extremely intelligent and visitors remark on his friendliness.   He regularly plays with his offspring and although he is a big guy,   is always gentle with the babies.   His sire's strong background is rooted in the United Kingdom along with his US/Australian mom's lineage, we are confident in the strength of his bloodline.   He came to us as a kitten and we have created a wonderful bond with him.   He has become sire to our Molly Blue and Starry Night  as well as retired Katia and Kitty Kali producing beautiful kittens.

Thanks to the owner of Dynasty Siam, Olga Bradley for supporting our effort to produce the very best in healthy, personable Siamese kittens.
Starry Night, born 7/13/2015 
Our wonderful seal point female comes to us from Dynasty Siam’s Olga Bradley who takes great care in determining the blood lines and pedigree of all her kittens.   “Starry” is a loving mother to her first litter of kittens.   She and Maxwell are able to produce the four varieties of color points of the true Siamese.  She is a delightful lady.
The kittens from these two beautiful parents will be able to go home at twelve weeks old.   They will have pedigree papers, health contract, vet visit information and along with toys, a week’s supply of food. 

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  1. Toby
  2. Pashmina & Katia
    Pashmina & Katia
  3. Tino
  4. Cecil
Hi Faith,

Almost a year since I picked up Cecil! Cecil has such a loving personality. Very interested in everything that is not supposed to be for him, and always willing to share his thoughts vocally...VERY siamese! 

Heather Y
Dear Faith,

Tino has grown so much, is healthy, extremely active and inquisitive. Along with his most lovable
disposition, he is truly a joy to have in our family! Tino is very attached to me and shows it by wrapping
his arms around my neck for a kiss!
Such a well-adjusted beautiful boy!

Warmest Regards,
Ellen C
Dear Faith,

Katia and Pashmina are doing extremely well.   Pashmina is just such an adorable kitten....
Please don't stop breeding Siamese cats!
I attached a couple cute pictures.

Anne and Ted
Dear Faith,
Just wanted to send a couple of pictures of Toby.  I can't believe he is going to be two years old next month, time just flew by.  It seems like yesterday I came to your house to pick a kitten, so glad I got to choose him, he is just a great fit for our household.  He loves to play fetch with his favorite ball and he snuggles very close to me at night time.
Renee A.


We invite you to visit our home to inspect our breeding enviromnment and of course to select a kitten that is right for you and your family.  
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